OANDA:USDCAD   Доллар США / Канадский доллар
The best entry point to Sell
Currency USDCAD
Chart 1 hour
Sell Limit = 1.28545
Stop Loss = 1.28994


Dear traders, until now I could not write in the comments to the transactions or the message because I was blocked for 1 month.

Therefore, today I will write all that I have done with all transactions for the past month.

Some of my transactions were blocked by the administrators of the Trading View, so I will send a screenshot of these transactions.

Also review my recent signals:


Now for all the Crypto-currencies there are updated signals for the purchase, please if you are interested in my signals contact me via private message!
Сделка закрыта: достигнута стоп-лосс цена: Friends ask forgiveness, for this night signal, Stop worked. This signal is for those who trade on Forex.

A new signal for those who trade on Futures, the stop is on further, as during the night the script changed a little.

Here is the current day signal for Futures, the stop here stood it and did not work:


As for the transaction, the Canadian purchase via Futures on the CME Exchange, the transaction worked, did not last long until our stop, but still the stop did not work.

I see that everything was a little delayed and the price was updated all the same Loy, so I recommend either push the stop farther away on Futures at 0.7110, or go out without loss at the price you bought, and then try to enter new prices with confirmation.


For those who trade on Forex, you can try to re-enter the position, push the stop on further, at about 1.2970. Either wait for a while to update the Hi and you can go in with a STOP:

Сделка закрыта: достигнута стоп-лосс цена: Stop Loss worked, they did not let me go out without loss.


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