Continuation of the downward movement in USD JPY

FX:USDJPY   Доллар США / Японская иена
Continuation of the downward movement (with small upward correction) to the x-lines level of 113.148.

Связанные идеи

I guess the blue lines are the support and resistance...How do we determine those support and resistance levels. could you please help me to understand that...
JinFlark abdullathif
@abdullathif, For this I use the X-Lines indicator, you can add the script of this indicator to your favorites and also build important levels absolutely automatically. More details in the description of the indicator. Click on the link below "RELATED IDEAS"
abdullathif JinFlark
@JinFlark, Great Thank you...
Hi, does it look like we have gone into the uptrend? I am at a small profit now if I sell. If it goes below 113.00 I will also lose that profit so I am curious what you think.
113.148 is last downward line? than up?
JinFlark nokshihat
It all depends on activity the level will have, and also whether it will not actively buy when corrected. This can completely change the trend.
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