Short Signal for VIA/BTC

BITTREX:VIABTC   Viacoin / Bitcoin
Good day to all investors.

Let's think about this pair, it is very interesting situation.

Yesterday there was a hacking attack on Binance. It appears that hackers had managed to accumulate user accounts over the past two months via phishing attacks (where fake websites are made to look like real ones and steal account info from legitimate users) and generated trading API keys for all compromised accounts.

The hackers patiently sat on these details until yesterday, when they launched a coordinated attack. First they choose the VIA/BTC market due to its low volume and then set up large sell orders at high prices. Then they executed trades on victims’ accounts, selling their alts for BTC and then buying VIA at high prices (while they sold their own VIA coins at the other end).

It is clear for me we are in phase of some correction so my recommendations as follows:

Buy Order now: 0,00027052

Sell Order: 0,000297572

Stop-Loss Order: 0,000243468

Let's make some profit!
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