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Сделка активна


Уважаемые трейдеры, до сих пор я не мог писать в комментариях к сделкам или сообщения так как меня заблокировали на 1 месяц.

Поэтому я сегодня напишу всё что сделал со всеми сделками за прошедший месяц.

Некоторые мои сделки были заблокированы администраторами Трейдинг Вью, поэтому я буду также прикреплять скриншоты на эти сделки.

Также если есть желание просмотреть все мои выставленные здесь сигналы, можете посетить англоязычную страницу моего аккаунта, так как в основном все сделки выставлялись именно там:
By joining the Premium account, you will receive a full package of high-quality analytical signals for: CryptoCurrency | Stocks | Futures | Forex | Bonds | ETF

On the Trading View:
only a part of the deals are exhibited to demonstrate and confirm the positive work of the trading strategy.
When you connect Premium Account, you get all the ideas, they will also be only to those who have a subscription and link.

Our primary holding period:

Day Trader
Swing Trader
Position Trader
Long Term Investor

All signals will be broadcast in the simplest and most understandable form, in the chart will show a specific Entry Points, Exit Points, Take Profit or Stop Loss.

On the chart, you will not see any additional indicators, the analysis of the market is conducted only on a clean price chart! Only Price and Volumes give all the necessary information, everything else is not important and does not require use!

It is important to understand:

The most important thing is to wait for the signal!

The signal can be put up for 1 or 7 days before the purchase, so it's important to put Limit orders and just wait until they work.

No need to hurry!

Signals can not be found every minute, signals only appear when large players and market makers are loaded and only then the Market is ready to go in the right direction!

Signals need to wait, because the best entry point does not appear many times, it only happens once!

Some signals will be Day Trading, some Swing Trading, so do not rush, just set limit orders and wait.

My analysis is to find the Positions of the Big Big Players / Market Makers and follow them, so we are trying to decide when and where the Big Player / Market Maker is loaded and try to join their positions, thereby we have the opportunity to buy along with big player and get good mathematical advantages in all trade, while getting a good profit.

You can pay for Premium Membership using any Crypto currency.

I hope that you will appreciate my work and we will cooperate with you for a long period of time.

Thank you!

To check my competence in the analysis and work with charts, view all of my trades on the Trading View >>>

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Thank you!
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