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XAUUSD , why not?

At the top, there is a strategically good price for sales of 1870, optionists say that the price range has expanded from 1750 to 1950, but at the same time - the March contract is empty.
At the same time, there should be a meeting in March 15-16 at which the Fed should raise the rate and I remain of my opinion that with a rate increase there is a high probability that history will repeat itself and gold may start to grow as it happened on December 16, 2015.
In total, there are key time intervals - a failed (so far empty) contract in March, there are good values for the price to start growing in April-May. But do not forget that before the summer, namely in May, they usually sell, not buy.
So - until that time - the price should rise in order to sell at a favorable price, and not at an undervalued one.

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