XMR/BUSD Expanding Phase

BINANCE:XMRBUSD   Monero / Binance USD
Monero (XMR) is setting up for a bullrun, just created its second wave of expansion to the upside, holding higher with huge demand, still without making any significant correction, which soundly demonstrates that the market's appetite for Monero is at its very early stages, as central banks keep on steamrolling their stimulae packages, printing money like there's no tomorrow, governments cracking down on fiscal havens, setting a worldwide minimum tax rate, public-blockchain heavyweights like Bitcoin ( BTC ) & Ethereum (ETH) getting increasingly discredited by those who see their every transactions tracked by IRS or its equivalents, due to conventional banking institutions reporting "know your customer" ( KYC ) details to the US authorities for tax-evasion mitigation, under the pretense of "anti money-laundering" ( AML ) & "combating the financing of terrorism" (CFT), which are all state measures to curtail individual liberty and force people to acquiesce to the forced wealth confiscation that conventional finance is accustomed to uphold, all of which is defied by Monero and other privacy cryptocurrencies.
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