❓XRP / USDT 4H. Is growth really visible?

I never thought that XRP could move by more than a couple of percent, but as they say, a stick shoots once a year😅

There are a couple of interesting points to this that speak for the growth of the asset price:
1️⃣ The coin forms the "Cup with handle" pattern. Everything is almost perfect: the correction is exactly 0.5 Fibo, the current downtrend channel acts as a handle, and all this is in an uptrend.
2️⃣ They did not go below the trendline and with bitcoin spills in recent days, the asset is holding confidently
In connection with the above, I expect growth in the near future, if we do not go below the trend and the 0.382 Fib level. Stop and targets indicated on the chart.

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