ZEC all according to plan. Broke down the channel and entrenched

ZEC all according to plan. Broke down the channel and entrenched above it.
ZEC Broke down the channel and has been trading on it for 10 days.
One of my favorite coins.
He gave ideas on it in February when she was trading very well in the descending channel . Look at related ideas for this coin. Since then, it has grown by + 75%. For a highly liquid top coin growth of + 75% for 2 months, I think the result is not bad. It was also possible to earn a lot more than + 75% if you trade along the trend lines of the downward channel and stop price levels which I indicated in my trading ideas.

I put my thoughts on this coin on the chart. Also indicated all stop price levels with growth. Also showed the market maker's defense line when dumping, if the market generally goes down. But I look more into the long of this coin. I think the market maker will specifically raise the price and have time to reset the position before the fall of the common market. Another idea is that even if the market dives, the market maker will not allow the coin to be fixed in the former downward channel .

Also, information for reflection almost 80% of the coins which are now on the market were minted in the second half of 2017 and in 2018. A huge number of coins is in two large "organizations". They are roughly monopolistic prices. A very small number of coins in "random hands" or in "weak hands", and this will favorably appear on the price in general.

Few people know, but at the listing on the Polonix exchange the coin in the moment stood at $ 1 million. It was a market maker manipulation after having made a long advertisement about a coin. Course BTC at the time of listing 3275 * 481 = 1575275 dollars price of 1 ZEC and a half million dollars. This is all a hoax only so that greedy people buy "at the bottom" very well for 3-4 thousand dollars.
BTC at that time 300-400 dollars a coin. And after 3 months, we saw another minus 100 X And in a pair of ZEC / USDT only about $ 900 was at the listing

It was all on the exchange poloniex, 1 ZEC - 3295 BTC at the rate of BTC about 470-480 dollars

Everyone is waiting for BTC $ 1 million, and not in the know that there was already a coin, had such a price when listing on the stock exchange Polonix paired to Bitcoin , naturally, the game of the market maker. Buying myself.
So that people saw the past price of $ 1 million and now bought very “cheaply” for 4 thousand dollars, dreaming of mega profits. But as always, the crowd was deceived. After 3 months, what stood 4 thousand dollars did get 100 x minus! And the price stopped in the region of 30 -40 dollars. And only a few years later, the maximum peak was 700 dollars. Well, who after a dump in accumulation scored at a price of 30-40 dollars earned very cool.
May 26
Комментарий: A triangle is drawn on a coin in a chart. Price shrinks. Soon the denouement. All levels on the chart.
May 26
May 30
Комментарий: Here is the news for you as well. You can not even follow the news and not to contact the world and you will always be on the horse.) Zcash will be "friendly-fork" Ycash, which will be completely independent of the Zcash Foundation. The division of the crypto-currency chain will take place on 570 000 blocks or about July 18. ZEC Holders will receive new Ycash coins in the ratio of 1: 1. For a fork already register a trademark belonging to the independent organization Ycash Foundation.
During startup, Ycash will display three important differences compared to ZEC:
reduction of the level of remuneration of developers from 20 to 5 percent on a permanent basis;

the formation of a fundamentally new nonprofit organization Ycash Foundation with its funding rules for developers;
The Proof-of-Work algorithm will be reviewed in favor of a more suitable for the GPU and CPU mining. For example, ProgPoW or RandomX.
The developers swear to leave 2.1 million coins in the Ycash Development Fund, which will be used to finance the organization. Since its provision is set at 5 percent, moneys will receive 95 percent of the award for the cryptic currency unit. By the time the first halving in October 2020, YDF should be about 175 thousand YEC.
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