Acceleration / deceleration strategy

As promised, the updated acceleration / deceleration strategy.
Added switchable shorts (for exchanges with no margin) and more understandable settings.
The idea of ​​the strategy is to look for the distance between the fast and slow SMA . When it decreases, there is a slowdown in price growth and a change in trend, and at the moment it predicts well the breakdowns of Bitcoin .
In the settings you can configure length of fast SMA , the length of the slow SMA is calculated as the length of the fast + diff. Usually, I pick up the fast SMA length, and then looking for the optimal diff. TrendChangeCandles indicates how many columns are needed in order to form a signal. 1 - the signal will be at each slow/acceleration event, we need to filter it, otherwise there will be a lot of unnecessary signals.

At the moment I have a bot that works on the default settings on the Bitmex exchange, and it gives good results. However, I think it is possible to find other settings for other pairs or timeframes (at least 15 minutes) that would give good results.
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