Trend Channels With Liquidity Breaks [ChartPrime]

Trend Channels
This simple trading indicator is designed to quickly identify and visualize support and resistance channels in any market. The primary purpose of the Trend Channels with Liquidity Breaks indicator is to recognize and visualize the dominant trend in a more intuitive and user-friendly manner.

Main Features
  • Automatically identifies and plots channels based on pivot highs and lows
  • Option to extend the channel lines
  • Display breaks of the channels where liquidity is deemed high
  • Inclusion of volume data within the channel bands (optional)
  • Market-friendly and customizable colors and settings for easy visual identification

  • Length: Adjust the length and lookback of the channels
  • Show Last Channel: Only shows the last channel
  • Volume BG: Shade the zones according to the volume detected

How to Interpret
Trend Channels with Liquidity Breaks indicator uses a combination of pivot highs and pivot lows to create support and resistance zones, helping traders to identify potential breakouts, reversals or continuations of a trend.

These support and resistance zones are visualized as upper and lower channel lines, with a dashed center line representing the midpoint of the channel. The indicator also allows you to see the volume data within the channel bands if you choose to enable this functionality. High volume zones can potentially signal strong buying or selling pressure, which may lead to potential breakouts or trend confirmations.

To make the channels more market-friendly and visually appealing, Trend Channels indicator also offers customizable colors for upper and lower lines, as well as the possibility to extend the line lengths for further analysis.

The indicator displays breaks of key levels in the market with higher volume.

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