NVT (original) - Network Value to Transactions

I'm reposting the NVT indicator that was originally available for public use in TradingView.

NVT Signal is a Bitcoin-specific study to get a view on data flowing through the blockchain.

It has been used to predict tops in Bitcoin price.

I've set up this indicator for it to be possible to base the calculations on custom:
  • Transaction Periods
  • Overbought levels
  • Oversold levels

The indicator plots in any BTCUSD spot, futures , BLX index and BTCEUR .

It paints in intraday time frames, but Daily time frame is the correct one to interpret the 'official' read of it.

For that reason, I've enabled by default an option that forces the NVT to display the Daily value even though the time frame could be higher or lower.

Please consider unchecking this setting if you'd like to experiment with another type of reads (i.e. in weekly time frame).

Additionally, it allows the following settings:

  • Signal Line Plot. Added the possibility to plot a Signal Line based on EMA .
  • Signal Line Cross. Show/Hide Crosses with the Signal Line.
  • Alerts based on Signal Line. Predefined Tradingview Alerts on the Cross of the Signal Line.
  • OverBought Background. Highlight the background based on OB Condition.
  • OverBought Alert. Predefined Tradingview Alerts based on OB Condition.
  • OverSold Background. Highlight the background based on OS Condition.
  • OverSold Alert. Predefined Tradingview Alerts based on OS Condition.

Please check our blog article showing multiple practical ideas about trading the NVT indicator:

Credit for this idea goes to Willy Woo
and Dmitry Kalichkin
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I am committed to developing indicators that meet the requirements of professional traders. Hope you find it useful.

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N00b here - Is data flowing through the blockchain indicative of market action? I mean, exchanges don't execute orders on the blockchain, right?
@thekivv, Hi! Data flowing through the blockchain falls in the fundamental side and its translation into price action isn't always a sure thing. Usually, there's some lag... but definitely has some influence as to define the prevailing trend.
In the case of NVT, we see that the fundamental indication gets quite in sync with price action.