• Pine Script™ introduces methods (1, 2)! Much kuddos for the developers, Tradingview, and all who has worked on it!
• This educational script will show the simplified way of writing built-in methods, not to create a new method.

🔹 Simplified way of writing built-in methods:

· Instead of:
newArray = array.new<int>()
array.unshift(newArray, 1)

lin = line.new(na, na, na, na)
line.set_xy1(lin, bar_index     , close)
line.set_xy2(lin, bar_index + 10, close)

label newLabel = label.new(bar_index, high)
if barstate.islast

· We now can write it like this:
newArray = array.new<int>()

lin = line.new(na, na, na, na)
lin.set_xy1(bar_index     , close)
lin.set_xy2(bar_index + 10, close)

label newLabel = label.new(bar_index, high)
if barstate.islast


· When using [1] sometimes brackets are necessary:
label lab = label.new(bar_index, high)
if barstate.islast
    label.set_color(lab, color.red)
· ->
label lab = label.new(bar_index, high)
if barstate.islast
    (lab[1]).delete() // lab[1].delete() doesn't compile at the moment



• The basic principles are:
· Find 1 point (close) x bars back from current bar (settings: 'x close back').

· Create a 'Flare' shaped object from that point to current bar or further (dependable of "Width of Flare").
· Calculate where current close is located versus the Flare lines.
· On that bases, change colour and draw plotshapes.
      · Below bar if current close is located in the upper part of the Flare
      · Above bar if current close is located in the lower part of the Flare
      · Above & Below if located in the middle part of the Flare
         -> Above & Below colours has 3 different colours (adjustable), dependable on the position


· Neutral zone:

· Light Bullish zone:

· Bullish zone:

· Very Bullish / Overbought zone:

· Light Bearish zone:

· Bearish zone:

· Very Bearish / Oversold zone:


🔹 I. Make a User Defined Type (UDT) Flare, with:

· 5x linefill - array of linefill
· int iDir, which captures the direction (current location of close in Flare)
· color cCol, this is a colour variable in relation to the direction.

🔹 II. Different functions will add a new Flare object, and update the values on each bar.

· Explanation of each function can be found in the script.


· The input.color() is located in the function set_flare_B(flare obj)
· Best to put the inputs at the beginning of the script, I included this alternative just to show it is possible (but mostly not ideal)
· Background colour (settings: Bgcolor) can be enabled for better visibility of colours

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