Currency Strength Gold Methodolgy

This script was written by, and used with the express permission of, Eduardo Andrade. The purpose of the script is easily determine respective currencies strength and weakness as utilized in The Gold Methodology - Ichimoku .
Tradingview members can use this script to see how each currency pair performed the day before as the reading is based is based upon the 11:00 p.m. GMT 60 minute candle (just before the Tokyo open).

Each currency is ranked in order of descending Strength and are designated by the following colors:

Orange = AUD
Green = CAD
Aqua = CHF
Purple = EUR
Red = GBP
Yellow = JPY
Black = NZD
Blue = USD

I hope you find he script beneficial and if you have any questions, please comment or send me a message.

have a great weekend!!


Информация о релизе: this update replaces the colors with the actual currencies abbreviation.
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clean and tidy . very nice
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AGold54 aussieapiarytrader
@aussieapiarytrader, yes Eduardo did a fantastic job
Eduardo, this is so keenly and sparingly written that I learned from reading it. It makes me smile that it will rank so many pairs with only one chart up too! Huge time saver. I have checked it the manual way many times. It has been right and has corrected my errors. It is most generous of you to share this! and of Allen for sharing his method. We all are very grateful.
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@nicker, you are most welcome :)
thx a lot
the 5th is blue? or aqua?
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AGold54 itsgila
@itsgila, the 5th is Aqua (CHF) I imagine it will take a few times to get the colors down. Moreover, although my testing on this has been extremely accurate, not a bad idea to do the old fashion way, till you have confidence in it.
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