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The Timely Opening Range Breakout (TORB) indicator builds upon the classic Open Range Breakout (ORB) concept. The ORB strategy is a popular trading setup used to identify trades around the opening range of an asset. It's based on the idea that the first few minutes (15-60 minutes) of trading often set the tone for the rest of the day, with breakouts above or below the opening range signifying potential trends.

TORB refines the concept by stating that a trade is only valid if there is sufficient market activity. This means a breakout beyond the upper or lower range is only of interest during the most active trading hours, as defined by PMMV (Per-Minute Mean Volume)

How It Works
The indicator works by first defining a session's opening range based on user-specified settings, including the session's start and end times and the applicable time zone. During this session, it calculates the high and low price points, which form the basis for identifying potential breakout levels.

PMMV (Per-Minute Mean Volume) provides a snapshot of the market's activity level at each minute of the trading day. PMMV is calculated by averaging the trading volume in a one-minute interval over a specified number of trading days. This script uses the average volume over the last N periods to determine the PMMV value. This average volume provides a smoother representation of volume activity compared to using a single volume value. It considers the volume over a broader timeframe, filtering out short-term fluctuations and potentially offering a more reliable indicator of underlying market activity.

TORB works by integrating the Opening Range Breakout (ORB) highs and lows with the Per-Minute Mean Volume (PMMV) metric to assess the validity of breakouts. The objective is to identify breakouts from the opening high and low levels during periods of heightened market activity, as indicated by PMMV.

How to Use
To effectively utilize the Timely Opening Range Breakout (TORB) strategy, follow these steps:

  1. Identify Active Hours: Employ PMMV to pinpoint periods of peak activity within the trading day.
  2. Apply Basic ORB Rules: If the price surpasses the upper range (resistance), buy; if it breaches the lower range (support), sell.

The TORB strategy identifies breakout signals when the price moves beyond the established range, supported by volume exceeding a set threshold. This technique aims to eliminate false signals, focusing on price movements during high market activity.

  • Trading Session: Customize the trading session's start and end times.

Volume analysis is integral to the TORB strategy, as it uses volume data to confirm the strength and validity of breakout signals.
  • Period: Sets the number of periods (or bars) to calculate the average volume, which is then used to assess market activity level.
  • Sensitivity and Significance: Adjusts how responsive the volume analysis is to changes in trading volume. By adjusting the sensitivity, traders can decide how much emphasis to place on volume spikes, potentially reducing false breakouts and focusing on those supported by significant trading activity.

Breakout Threshold
This setting establishes a criterion to identify when the price movement is significant enough.
  • Threshold: Traders set a threshold level to identify high market activity. If the PMMV is greater than or equal to this threshold, it indicates significant market activity.
  • Setting the correct threshold is key to balancing sensitivity and specificity. Too low of a threshold may lead to many false positives, while too high of a threshold might filter out potentially profitable breakouts. This setting helps in pinpointing when market activity indicates a strong move, thereby aligning trade entries with moments of heightened market momentum.


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