+ Accumulation/Distribution

This is an updated version (with lots of extras added) of the Accumulation/Distribution indicator coded by @Cl8DH.
You can read about what he says about his indicator, and how to use it, here:

So, from that, what have I done?

I added a moving average (of which there are many types to choose from) so that you can use this as a "two lines cross" indicator, as well as a "mid-line cross" indicator.

I added Bollinger Bands (primarily for when "range" is turned off, but if you want to use the Bands with it in fixed range mode too, that's fine. You do you.).

I added candle coloring for both ways of using this indicator:
In rangebound mode there is overbought and oversold coloring, as well as bullish (ADP above the MA and median) and bearish (ADP below the MA and median), and neutral (ADP is above the MA but below the median, or below the MA and above the median). With range turned off there is no overbought or oversold of course. Above the MA and median is bullish , below both is bearish , and neutral covers that grey area where it's neither one nor the other.

The indicator itself is also colored in the same way the candles are. The MA and BBands are biased colored as well (green/red).

Alerts for pretty much every condition imaginable.

Please note in the image above the indicator is pretty gaudy. I don't use it like that, and you can turn a lot of that stuff off (lines, shading, etc.). That is just the default settings.

Like I said, I think Bollinger Bands make most sense if you have it set to range off, but they could be useful either way. Depends on you, the trader.

The candle color is 100% based on the moving average, so if you are using the BBands, set your MA to the default 20 SMA because that's what BBands use for the basis. If you just turn off the MA, whatever it is set to the indicator will still see that and use it (unless you turn off candle colors) to color the candles.

Above is the same image, but just with range turned off, and the Bollinger Bands turned off.

That's all. Hope you like this! It's becoming a favorite of mine, and a lot of what I've implemented here will be added to my previously released indicators, as well as any new ones.
Информация о релизе: added a second moving average like my +BB and +Detrended Price Oscillator indicators
added Jurik Phase input
Информация о релизе: added a second plot and inputs for it. Idea being similar to moving average crosses and such. I was thinking about this last night: how to filter out false signals, or maybe just make it a little bit easier to detect signals in momentum change. At first I thought just adding moving averages to these indicators might help, and it does, but recently I had a thought that all these indicators we use are just averages of a particular mathematical equation. We could set the lookback/length on all these things to 1, right? But that's incredibly noisy. Better to just use pa if that's the case. So we set these indicators to different values, like 14 or 20, or 50 or whatever, in the same way that moving averages on a chart are used: to clean up the signal to noise. So, instead of just having one plot on the indicator, why not have two of them of varying lengths instead of taking a moving average of what is already a moving average essentially? This would be like running two different MAs on top of price. So, yeah, I've just added a second optional plot to this. Giving it a quick eye check, it looks promising. Haven't traded with it. Just added it this morning.

Tried to figure out some ways to cleanup the inputs side of the indicator, but what I've looked at (inline functions and groups) is beyond my expertise, so it'll have to wait. Screenshot for eyeball test below. Enjoy!

Информация о релизе: added shape plots for moving average cross
added ALMA in moving averages
removed band fill
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Hi, really great trend indicator. How do I turn off the original candles? I can make them disappear but then the overlay dissapears as well. I want it to look like your chart. Thanks a lot
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ClassicScott CryptoNoviceInvestor
@CryptoNoviceInvestor, Sorry to take so long for a reply. What overlay are you talking about? And what do you mean turn off the original candles? You want the candle color from the indicator, or you just want the standard red and green, down and up candles? I added a check box in inputs for turning candle coloring on and off so you don't have to manually unclick them all in the style setting.
Hey Scott, you did a really great job man! Thank you
ClassicScott michisuperfreak
@michisuperfreak, thanks loads! Really hope this thing works out for you! Let me know if you find any particular settings you like and how you're using it. I'm curious about user feedback.
michisuperfreak ClassicScott
@ClassicScott, Hey, will do! Testing it right now, will need 1-2 weeks though :-)