Noro's Turtles Strategy

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Original idea from book «Way of the Turtle: The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders» (2007, CURTIS FAITH, ISBN: 9780071486644)


2 positions types are used. Fast and slow. The period for fast and slow user specifies separately. For example for quick: if the price is higher than the highest price in the last 10 candles, then open a long position using a stop order. If the price is below the lowest price in the last 20 candles, then close the long position. In the same way for a short position and also for slow positions.
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Hi Noro, If I wanted to create an alert for when the price crosses over the blue line. How would I do that? I have an example below. Thank you
alertcondition(close>fastL), title=''crossing over blue line'', message='Bullish crossover')
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the indicator shows no results on Indian Indices. Kindly help
Thank You noro for the beautiful work <3
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