Risk indicator 50DSMA/50WSMA

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Indicates buy and sell zones, intended to be used along with your scaling-in scaling-out strategy.
Example: sell 20% of holdings in first sell zone, sell another 20% in the second zone, etc.
Информация о релизе: This is more advanced version and it's more sharp/less lagging
Logic has been changed a bit and visually is more like RSI indicator but it still represents amount of risk if investing in current period of time

Usage instructions
Assume you have X amount of money to invest each month (or any other period of time according to your Dollar Cost Averaging plan)

Scale in
  • Buy X*3 amount in 30-40 area (Buy Zone #1)
    Buy X*2 amount in 40-50 area (Buy Zone #2)
    Buy X amount in 50-60 area (Buy Zone #3)
    Don't do anything, just accumulate cash on your balance sheet when in 60-80 area (Indecision Zone)

Scale out

Sell X amount in 80-90 area (Sell Zone #1)
Sell X*2 amount in 90-100 area (Sell Zone #2)
Информация о релизе: Returned old changes back. Decided to move new changes into a separate oscillator which will have open code.
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