Moving Average Multitool

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I made this script as a personal tool while backtesting multiple moving averages. It allows you to easily access and switch between different types of moving averages, without having to continuously add and remove different moving averages from your chart.

It also has the option to show the a 14 period average distance between the closing price of an asset and the selected moving average, as a multiple of ATR. This number can be shown by enabling the "Show ATR Between MA and Close" setting. The intention of this value is to quantify and compare the speed of different moving averages across any instrument and any timeframe. The higher the value, the slower the moving average. The lower the value, the faster the moving average.
Информация о релизе:
Credited the original authors of the moving average scripts I didn't make myself.
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Created a moving average crossover version of this script:
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Cleaned up code, corrected ALMA settings, and added ma-close crossover signals
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Fixed ATR lookback period input and corrected input titles.
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Corrected more input titles.
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Merged WWMA and RMA, since they result in a perfectly identical calculation. Cleaned up code.
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Added the HiLo Trend (HLT)
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Added the Tillson T3 (T3)
Информация о релизе:
Added the option to display standard deviation bands around the MA (same calculation as Bollinger Bands)
Added the option to show moving average slope change signals
Added the option to color the moving average based on either the price cross signal or slope change signal

Ben R.
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