Random entry points

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It is profitable strategy with random entry points.

A simple strategy involving random opening of trades. But such a strategy on large samples will demonstrate profit. Because the strategy adheres to the golden rule of trading: "Let profits rise and quickly stop losses."

Remember, exit points are very important. Many traders make the mistake of focusing all their attention on entry points.
Open-source script

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Net Profit - 391%

Buy and Hold Return - 95679 %

Seems like its not very efficient?
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kitoboynaya bizzetmonetization
@bizzetmonetization, When you look from the future, yes :) Buy bitcoin today and hold it. Where will you sell bitcoin? Holding is too overrated. Holders sometimes even claim that they earn more than traders. Despite the fact that my own medium-term algorithm for this sample shows a net profit of 20,768,766%.
And this script is a good algorithm that shows the effectiveness of exit points with random entry points ;)
thanks for sharing! This strategy is so interesting, it feels like to say that even if you flip a coin, you can get a good return :D
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