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CHN BUY SELL is formed from two RSI indicators, those are RSI 14 and RSI 7. I use RSI 14 to determine the trend and RSI 7 to find entry points.

+ Long (BUY) Signal:

- RSI 14 will give a "BUY" signal, then RSI 7 will give entry point to LONG when the candle turns yellow.

+ Short (SELL) Signal:

- RSI 14 will give a "EXIT" signal, then RSI 7 will give entry point to SHORT when the candle turns purple.

+ About Take Profit and Stop Loss:
- With Gold, I usually set Stop Loss and Take Profit at 50 pips
- With currency pairs, I usually keep my Stop Loss and Take Profit at 30 pips
- With crypto, I usually keep Stop Loss and Take Profit at 1.5%

Recommended to use in time frame M15 and above.

This method can be used to trade Forex, Gold and Crypto.

My idea is formed on the view that when the price is moving strongly, the RSI 14 will tell us what the current trend is through a "BUY" or "EXIT" signal. When RSI 14 reaches the oversold area it will form a "BUY" signal and when it reaches the overbought area it will give an "EXIT" signal. I believe that when the price reaches the oversold or overbought area, the price momentum has also decreased and is about to reverse.

After receiving a signal from RSI 14, my job is to wait for an Entry signal from RSI 7. When RSI 7 reaches the overbought area, a yellow candle will appear and that's when we enter a LONG order. When the RSI 7 reaches the oversold area, a purple candle will appear and that's when we enter a SHORT order.
Информация о релизе:
Ce changed the Exit button to the Sell button so that everyone can understand it clearly, so enter the Sell order.
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