Return Error With Reference & Constant Value Enforcer Functions

I found MichelT's work thanks to LucF. One of its cool concepts that touched me was his error's function. Whenever something unexpected takes place, it returns an error's message right on the chart, one nobody can't say they can't see lol. I told him it would be cool if we could get specific messages related to specific cases, he said "there is a task for such feature". On the meantime I wanted to enrich his feature by making the function printing any number the user wants.

Another really cool thing I have been in love with are "Pine Coding Conventions", I can't express enough how thankful I am to the amazing team behind it. Just recently they introduced me to a new rule, one seeming very popular across the board, using all capital letters to define a constant value.

On this script I combined both error's printing message with a constant check functions that enforce the value must remain unchanged ever. I hope you like this work, I really enjoy seeing brilliant people coming up with some awesome ideas. Let's together make "Pine" a more cooler language.

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