Detect Sequential Trading - Bot Detector

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Detect Sequential Trading - Bot Detector.

This tool requires access to volume data.

There are many trading bots out there, that trade 24/7.
The detector can be used to understand how the bots are configured - to push the market up or down.

Alerts can be set to fire whenever a bot pattern is detected.
They must be configured to run Once per Bar.

It works well with range charts (1R).
It would work best on 1 second charts or tick charts (currently, TradingView's alert system doesn't work with second charts).
The alternative would be 1 minute charts.
It can be used on higher timeframes but may be less effective.
Информация о релизе:
Updated the chart to use the 1 second timeframe
Added strategy components to easily switch between Study and Strategy modes, instead of publishing a different script
N.B.: This tool is not meant to be a stategy, but the Strategy mode is good to instantly test different configs

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