Can someone please help me create an alert for this strategy

Have tried a few different methods but just constantly get errors in different lines of code......been trying for hours *sigh*. Any help would be so greatly appreciated

Long when rsi overbought,

close trade when rsi oversold and < Vstop

strategy("Vstop and RSI", overlay=true)

// RSI Section
length = input(2, "RSI Period")
overSold = input(30, "Oversold Level")
overBought = input(70, "Overbought Level")
price = close
vrsi = rsi (price, length)

//VSTOP Section
vlength = input(2, "Vstop Length")
mult = input(2, "Vstop Mult")
atr_ = atr(vlength)

is_uptrend_prev = false
max_ = 0.0
min_ = 0.0

max1 := max( nz (max_), close)
min1 := min( nz (min_), close)

is_uptrend_prev := nz (is_uptrend, true)

stop := is_uptrend_prev ? max1 - mult * atr_ : min1 + mult * atr_
vstop_prev := nz (vstop)
vstop1 := is_uptrend_prev ? max(vstop_prev, stop) : min(vstop_prev, stop)
is_uptrend := close - vstop1 >= 0
is_trend_changed := is_uptrend != is_uptrend_prev
max_ := is_trend_changed ? close : max1
min_ := is_trend_changed ? close : min1
vstop := is_trend_changed ? is_uptrend ? max_ - mult * atr_ : min_ + mult * atr_ : vstop1
plot(vstop, color = is_uptrend ? green : red, style=cross, linewidth=2)

if vrsi > overBought
strategy.entry("Buy", strategy.long, comment="Buy")

if vrsi < overSold and vstop > price
strategy.entry("Sell", strategy.short, comment="Sell")
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Хотите использовать этот скрипт на графике?


alertcondition(vrsi > overBought, title ="VRSI buy alert", message = "BUY")
alertcondition(vrsi < overSold, title = "VRSI sell alert", message = "SELL")

Make sure it's title is a "study" and not a "strategy"
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Let me see if I could help..
I can do this for you, or at least should be able to.
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