PivotBoss Pivots & Camarilla - H,D,W, M timeframe & OHLC Labels

This is the new pivotboss pivots calculations and also has Camarilla Pivots . User can define which time frame pivots they want to see starting from Hourly, Daily, weekly and monthly. Added labels for each levels. So that user can calculate potential profit targets. This script also includes Hourly and Daily OHLC with labels. Added Developing mid point of the current day. The script can calculate midpoint as and when new highs and lows are made through out the day

Abbrevations used in this script

yHI - Yesterday's session High
dOP - Days open
yCL - yesterday's session Close
yLO - yesterday's session Low
MP -- Developing midpoint of the day
TC - Top channel
P - Pivot Point
BC - Bottom Channel
R1 - R4 -- Resistance levels
S1 - S4 -- Support Levels
Информация о релизе: Minor Bug Fix in Labelling
Информация о релизе: Coded in Weekly OHLC and other minor code Updates
Информация о релизе: Minor Updates
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how to add this script ?
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sanchit_nse sanchit_nse
@sanchit_nse, nevermind, got it !
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PreetamV sanchit_nse
@sanchit_nse, Can you please explain how to add the script?
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Hey There Great work however why do i see difference in Trading View Pivot levels and your Pivot level please help me understand
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Nanda86 Aryaraghu
@Aryaraghu, what you are refering is floor i have posted pivot boss pivots...formula is different...
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Aryaraghu Nanda86
@Nanda86, Thank you for clarifying
thanks, I like your indicator very much!
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from where do i change white color label of PREVIOUS DAY HIGH, DAY CLOSE,DAY LOW and DAY OPEN? As of now labels are in white text color can't able to see in white chart.
Levels are not printed in first candle properly...Kindly check. Otherwise nice setup.
Thanks for labelling indicator. why camarila labeling color not changing bro.. L4,H4,H5,L5.. If possible please fix and let us know