Simple Moving Averages

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You can plot 10 simple moving averages with this script. special thanks to worldsapart89 for the original script.
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Can this be used for HugosWay also??
how do you add this script to mt4?
hi , is this applicable on to a MT5 platform?
drpatel77_ TVincentG1
@TVincentG1, hi... sorry bud but i don't really check messages here.. just use it to chart and trade.... neways, i only trade US stocks... MT5 is forex correct?// sorry can't help u there.. i only use tradingview & brokers like schwab and merrill edge...
Hi there stocksinboxx, how do i copy this into a trading platform? I'm in the UK and with IG Index, FXCM and ETX Capital, thanks.
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hi there.... i want a script with 9ema, 50sma, 100sma, 150sma, 200sma. I tried to copy part of urs and paste to a script i was doing but didn't work... kept giving me error codes mainly for all the colors. Do you have an idea why copying and pasting part of ur code to make my script is not working? Thanks in advance for ur help
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drpatel77_ drpatel77_
@drpatel77_, actually i got it... thanks.
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manojs1969 drpatel77_
@drpatel77_, How do you rectified that??
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manojs1969 drpatel77_
@drpatel77_, I am also facing same issue..
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