Demand Index Indicator by M.YALCIN

The Demand Index is a complex technical indicator developed by James Sibbet that utilizes over 20 columns of data to measure the ratio of buying pressure to selling pressure. James Sibbet established six rules for using Demand Index:
1.A divergence between the Demand Index and price is a bearish indication.
2.Prices often rally to new highs following an extreme peak in the Demand Index.
3.Higher prices with a low Demand Index often indicate a top in the market.
4.The Demand Index moving through the zero line suggests a change in trend.
5.The Demand Index remaining near the zero line indicates weak price movement that won’t last long.
6.A long-term divergence between the Demand Index and price predicts a major top or bottom.

This indicator differs from other demand index indicators on this site in terms of indicator values. However, I think the low number of zigzags highlights this style. On the other hand, I think important points in terms of trading are added to the indicator: 1) According to many observations, the moments when this indicator crosses the zero line are interpreted as buy signals, and vice versa as a sell signal so the 0 line is shown. 2) Again, according to many observations, when the indicator crosses up its own 20-day (bar) exponential moving average is interpreted as a buy signal, and vice versa as a sell signal. Happy New Year ... NOTE: All these ideas do not contain financial advice.
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