Heikin Ashi Trend Indicator

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My own implantation of Heikin Ashi which i call HAT.
The Heikin Ashi Trend Indicator (HAT) used to determine the price direction of an asset, as well as draw attention to when the price direction is changing.
The HAT indicator translates the current close/open/high/low into Heikin Ashi and smooths them a bit using Tilson T3 formula.
Buy signal when Heikin Ashi Close is bigger than Heikin Ashi Open with Tilson T3 smoothing.
Sell signal when Heikin Ashi Open is bigger than Heikin Ashi Close with Tilson T3 smoothing.

Set the 'percentSqueeze' percentage to display possible reversal with light Red/Green crosses.

Green - Up Trend
Light Green - Possible reversal is near
Red - Down Trend
Light Red - Possible reversal is near

Follow for more indicators:
Информация о релизе: Added MTF support (optional, default is base time frame)
Added Bar Color support (optional, default is 'false')
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Hi! How can I fix an alert when the colour line changes?
dman103 SharkTrade95
@SharkTrade95, Yes you can. When i'll update the script i will add alerts.
@dman103, thanks man!
Great indicator sir. I have been backtesting this and so far looks great! However after the update, I realise it only shows two colors now. I don't know if this is only my problem. I tried all different ways to get it to show all the colors it used to show but I have failed. What do we do about this?
dman103 KasikaBoss
@KasikaBoss, Hey there, it's a neat indicator, love it too, glad you use it. Regarding your question, For example if you are using Forex try changing in the indicator 'Settings' the 'percentSqueeze' parameter percent to 0.02 (0.02%) since Forex values can be small mostly at lower time frames.
Note that the 'percentSqueeze' objective is to notify the user (change trend color to a lighter color) when trend line is near reversal based on that percent value.
Will consider adding auto Squeeze percentage calculation for the percent Squeeze parameter based on price range.
Hi, thanks a lot for your sharing !
It should be help me to take descision when I take a position.
Nice idea to add MTF :)
dman103 lov3crypt0
@lov3crypt0, Your welcome mate, I will update this indicator if i see it can be even better, also based on community suggestions. I am working on a different Heikin Ashi indicator, Follow to be notified.
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