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Many people asking me: How to find the right time to exit BitCoin long position? First, ​that comes to mind is Do Not use simple Buy-and-Hold strategy, but make short-term trades. Here is the simple algorithm for D1 or 4H timeframes.
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Hi, why would we do short term trades when buy and hold made 44450.36 % return vs 1.74% for your strategy ?

Thank you!
Altman optimal400
@optimal400, Hello, here is an example of the great return of buy and hold strategy: you bought BTC October 2013, then you wait over three years of drawdown, after that, you start getting profit. Does this performance fit your expectation?
Altman optimal400
@optimal400, P.S. 1,74% is not the performance of my strategy. For 55% of max DD it shows approx. 35% annual gain. Of course, 35% is nothing comparing to 9999999999999999%, but my purpose is to create realistic and safe strategies. If somebody wants to sell his house and buy Bitcoin, I do not mind)))
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