MA heatmap (Double cross edition)

Hello my friends

Sorry yesterday I couldn't post an indicator because I was travelling. So here's the today indicator inspired from that one Moving-Average-Heatmap-Visualization/

This will gives an interesting representation of a Double Moving Average cross

That's all for me
Let's resume the free indicators publishing next Monday with the MA heatmap (Triple cross edition) and then the 4 cross ... until the 100 cross edition .... "wait are you joking sir ?"... Totally YES :)
But the Triple cross edition will be released as it's interesting from a Pine script perspective

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe
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Daveatt CarlORourke
@CarlORourke, nope sir :) it's a double cross indicator. You can try it, it does not repaint, I made the code non-repainting from the start
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