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This script is a realisation of a strategy that I used to know from FOREX-forums as Surfing. I wrote it first as MQL-Strategy back in 2014. Today it was remastered in pinescript. This strategy is recomended for TF 15M and above.

Below is a short description of rules

Buy Stop: close of a candel is above slow green EMA (20), RSI is greater than 55 and the rolling mean of RSI with period 10 is under RSI itself.

Sell Stop: vice-versa, slow red EMA (20) is used for the signal, as RSI lower band is used 45 value.

Exit rules: rolling mean of RSI crosses the RSI itself.Trailing stop is used as well as take profit.

What is not decripted are to fast EMA (10) which had to be used as the basis for calculating trailing stop, what is currently a task for the future optimization.
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