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I have created a peer performance dashboard for:

36 stocks from:
5 sectors of Nifty 100

This kind of dashboard is very useful for traders when they are planing to trade in a stocks and like to see how that is stocks is performing against other stocks in the same sector . Picking outperforming stocks will always give outstanding results when market starts moving. os having view on teh complete sector will always be good for traders before picking a specific stock.

Sectors covered in this indicators are:

  • Indian Auto Sector
  • Banking Sector
  • Oil, Gas and Energy Stocks
  • Cement Sector
  • Technology Sector

It will help traders reviewing performance ( stock return in last 1 year) of group of stocks from a particular sector .

Basically 5 functions are used to plot this dashboard

using "if " function to shortlist the stocks and the sector it belongs to.

tablo function to plot a table with specific parameters like number of row and columns, color of the frame of table

Getting yearly return into a series of variables using "" function

str.tostring function is used to convert yearly return into a series of text so that it can inserted into the table cell.

finally plotting all the text and yearly return values using table.cell function

Информация о релизе:
Changes done to correct the color coding for positive and negative yearly return

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