Tick Profile Heatmap

This is a market internal TICK heatmap with the intent of displaying areas of price associated to stronger reactions with NYSE TICK (by default).

This code is based off of a variation of a Volume Profile coded originally by colejustice who originally used code from LuxAlgo. The full-width volume bars that colejustice setup were replaced with full-width bars representative of TICK breaking +/- $500, the current cumulative value representing the "heat" is comprised of hlc3 by default but that can be changed. In a future update I may add additional logic here to capture highs and lows in the heatmap specifically, and perhaps additional colors.

As with other traditional profiling studies, this indicators purpose is to visualize correspondence to specific price levels, allowing rapid assessment where the most TICK activity is occurring, and where it hasn't been. This information may provide areas of support and resistance and regions where price may move quickly repeatedly.

All of the same input guidance that colejustice provided is the same for those pre-existing inputs:
Inputs are set up such that you can customize the lookback period, number of rows, and width of rows for most major timeframes individually. Timeframes between those available will use the next lower timeframe settings (e.g., 2m chart will use the 1m settings.)

Zero usage of volume is present in this indicator, only TICK data so please don't confuse it with volume studies.

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