Zindarra Multi Alerts Pro (9 Levels) by RRB

Zindarra Multi Alerts Pro by RRB by RagingRocketBull 2018
Version 1.0

This indicator lets you configure multiple alert levels for an asset. Zindarra Multi Alerts Pro supports 9 custom alert levels.
You have to manually create an alert in Manage Alerts Panel and configure it to use with this indicator.
Free accounts are limited to only 1 alert slot and this indicator will take it (any existing alerts must be disabled/stopped).
Once the alert is configured, the indicator can be removed from chart to free a slot for another indicator, but you won't see the alert levels.

If you want 10 alert levels and don't need colors and Pro features - use Multi Alerts Simple version instead.

- 9 custom alert levels with labels
- 2 plot modes: plot and price line
- high/low or close level penetration modes
- show/hide levels/labels
- change color based on level position above/below price
- keep or auto disable triggered alerts
- trigger alerts only after a confirmed close
- swap level colors

1. attach indicator to a chart
2. define alert levels in UI settings
3. in TradingView's Manage Alerts panel on the right:
- for free accounts: disable/stop all existing alerts, you are limited to 1 alert slot only. Otherwise you won't be able to save.
- create a new Alert:
- select 'Multi Alerts' indicator name in the Condition dropdown box, leave Level 1 and Multi Alerts Cross as default options
- select 'Once Per Bar' or 'Once Per Minute' instead of 'Only Once' to trigger the alert multiple times
5. click Save. Your 9 alerts are enabled now.

Change Settings:
1. change levels/settings in UI . Any changes will also reset already triggered level colors/visibility.
2. in Manage Alerts panel:
- open/edit the alert you created
- select new instance of 'Multi Alerts' indicator name in the Condition dropdown box (appears at the bottom)
- check the Condition dropdown again - a single instance should remain selected.
3. click Save. Your alert settings are updated.

Notes on using alerts:
- attaching this indicator to a chart and configuring alert levels will not automatically enable the alerts - you have to manually create/configure a new alert in the Alerts Panel
- removing this indicator from chart will not disable the alerts, you have to manually disable the alert you created in the Alerts Panel
- your alert in the Alerts Panel uses another instance (copy) of indicator/settings. Any changes won't affect the alert. You have to manually update the alert every time you change any settings in the indicator.
- recompiling and attaching your own version of indicator will require creating a new Alert (delete the old one).
- alerts are designed to work in realtime. In replay mode you will see triggered alert levels hiding/changing colors but there will be no system alert messages. It's best to test the indicator in realtime on M1 (1 min) chart
- you will only see 1 system alert per bar/60 sec when multiple alert levels are crossed with a single bar. However all of these levels will hide/change color in the indicator as expected.
- plot modes: price line - changes color of the whole level, style is not configurable; plot - changes color of a level's segment after each cross, configurable style
- you can only see the alert levels when the indicator is attached to chart, they are not shown by the system alert.
- For source=high/low a directional level penetration is used automatically (crossunder/low and crossover/high). For source=close a standard bidirectional cross is used. Colors always change above/below close.

1. uses plot*, cross*, alertcondition
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@RagingRocketBull Hey there! I think you're making great indicators.
Not sure how this particuar one works, but as far as I understand it can be used to send alerts when price reaches levels. Do you think it would be possible to make an alert system like this one which would send out alerts when the price hits a predefined setting for a BB? Like a 3.2 band for a Daily 50, for example? This would be a moving figure, as you understan, not a static one.
Thank you.


Yes it is possible - you can calculate the BB/MA value dynamically on each bar and use the cross function to trigger the alert.

This indicator uses standard cross* functions in custom get_trigger() to trigger alerts when close or high/low crosses user defined levels up/down.
Levels here are static, but close is a dynamically changing series, so sma/ema also being a dynamic series should work too.

Even if cross* sma/ema/bb won't work you can always do a manual check <>= in script since you know all these values on each bar anyway.

I plan to implement this in the Advanced version. Unfortunately it won't be out soon, since I'm working on other indicators and I can't do them all at once.

Meanwhile, you should be able to create dynamic alerts in the TradingView UI alone:
- attach an indicator to the chart (Volume, Multi SMA BB etc)
- right click on one of its curves that you want to track for price cross (SMA/EMA/BB)
- select Add Alert on <Indicator Name> (make sure the context menu has the indicator name, not just Add Alert <price level>...)
- select EMA/SMA in Condition
- click Apply and you're done
- free accounts are limited to 1 alert of any type only
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kiero RagingRocketBull
@RagingRocketBull, thank you.
When I said I didn't know how it worked I meant I was not certain from the point of view of a mere user, as it has some fields that I'm not sure how to use/fill. But I see that I got it correctly that it is about horizontal static levels.
E.g., I didn't quite get how to set alerts for various other assets from the current screen (in advanced version), but that's OK for the moment, because I can get static level alerts from MT4.

I do have 10 alerts in my subscription plan. But it would be great to track a couple dozen assets in trems of them touching 3.2 standard deviation bands, so it would be great to have that option one day.
You're doing a great job, and I use your MTF MAs/BBs a lot. Thank you!

The Advanced version already exists. I meant the Ultimate version
screens for reference:

price line with swapped colors

dimmed triggered levels
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