This advanced trading indicator, inspired by Dr. Charles B. Schaap's book "ADXcellence: Power Trend Strategies", leverages the principles of the Average Directional Index (ADX) to help traders identify and exploit trending conditions in the market.

The ADXcellence Indicator uses multiple levels of analysis to evaluate the strength and direction of trends.

In addition to the classic ADX+DMI input settings, these features are included:

  • ADX Slope Signal: This parameter, controls the sensitivity of the ADX slope, which will indicate when the trend strength is increasing or decreasing.

  • The indicator provides three trend levels: strong trend level, trending level, and low volatility level, which can be customized to suit various trading strategies.

  • The color gradients for the ADX, DI+, and DI- lines are designed to visually represent the trend strength from the low volatility level to the strong trend level. The indicator also uses a dynamic background color, highlighting the periods when the ADX is rising. The color will vary depending on the dominant DI.

  • The ADXcellence Indicator also offers a unique feature of dynamically adjusting the fill between DI+ and DI-, with the color and fill intensity changing based on the relative value of the two.

This indicator is a powerful tool for traders who use trend-following strategies and is best used in conjunction with other technical analysis tools to confirm signals and avoid potential false signals.

Remember, no indicator is perfect and every trading strategy should include risk management and proper due diligence.

Enjoy :)

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