[blackcat] L2 Ehlers Center of Gravity

Level: 2


John F. Ehlers introuced center of gravity (CG) in his "Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks and Futures" chapter 5 on 2004.


The center of gravity (CG) of a physical object is its balance point. For example, if you balance a 12-inch ruler on your finger, the CG will be at its 6-inch point. If you change the weight distribution of the ruler by putting a paper clip on one end, then the balance point (i.e., the CG) shifts toward
the paper clip. Moving from the physical world to the trading world, we can substitute the prices over our window of observation for the units of weight along the ruler. Using this analogy, we see that the CG of the window moves to the right when prices increase sharply. Correspondingly, the CG of the window moves to the left when prices decrease.

The idea of computing the center of gravity of Dr. Ehlers arose from observing how the lags of various finite impulse response (FIR) filters vary according to
the relative amplitude of the filter coefficients. A simple moving average (SMA) is an FIR filter where all the filter coefficients have the same value (usually unity). As a result, the CG of the SMA is exactly in the center of the filter. A weighted moving average (WMA) is an FIR filter where the most recent price is weighted by the length of the filter, the next most recent price is weighted by the length of the filter less 1, and so on. The weighting terms are the filter coefficients. The filter coefficients of a WMA describe the outline of a triangle. It is well known that the CG of a triangle is located at one-third the length of the base of the triangle. In other words, the CG of the WMA has shifted to the right relative to the CG of an SMA of equal length, resulting in less lag. In all FIR filters, the sum of the product of the coefficients and prices must be divided by the sum of the coefficients so that the scale of the original prices is retained.

Key Signal

CG ---> CG fast line
CG (2) ---> CG slow line

Pros and Cons

100% John F. Ehlers definition translation of original work, even variable names are the same. This help readers who would like to use pine to read his book. If you had read his works, then you will be quite familiar with my code style.


The 26th script for Blackcat1402 John F. Ehlers Week publication.


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