Extended Price Volume Trend Strategy : Educational

The Extended Price Volume Trend (EPVT) is a technical indicator that is used to identify potential trend changes and measure the strength of a trend. In this strategy, we combine the EPVT with other indicators to create a trading system that aims to capture trend reversals and momentum shifts.

The EPVT indicator is calculated by taking the cumulative volume and multiplying it by the percentage change in price. We then find the highest and lowest values of this indicator over a certain period of time to determine the baseline. The difference between the EPVT and the baseline is then plotted on a chart to create the EPVT line.

To use this indicator for trading, we look for crossovers of the EPVT line with zero. When the EPVT crosses above zero, it indicates that buying pressure is increasing, and we may consider taking a long position. Conversely, when the EPVT crosses below zero, it indicates that selling pressure is increasing, and we may consider taking a short position.

To further refine our trading signals, we use three take-profit levels, which we set as a percentage of the current EPVT value. We also use a simple moving average to provide additional confirmation of trend changes.

In summary, the EPVT trading strategy is a technical analysis-based approach to trading that aims to identify potential trend reversals and momentum shifts. By combining the EPVT indicator with other technical tools, we can create a comprehensive trading system that provides clear entry and exit signals for both long and short positions. Please note that this strategy is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice.
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