Heavy Candle

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Heavy Candle compares current candle size to its previous, the one before that and different Average True Ranges. The point is to objectively highlight a sizeable candle to enter the market with. The direction is based on if the close is above VWAP or below it.

To plot a signal, the new candle has to:
►Oversize previous candle times multiplier 1 one OR the candle before that times multiplier 1.
►Be higher than at least two Average True Ranges.

There is no built-in algorithm to judge the character of where the signal appears and of what quality it is. It can be used as a non-subjective entry trigger but only in conjunction with other analysis.

Traders are free to adapt the script to their needs and change the code as they see fit. Just mention me if you decide to make it public.

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have you tried this ,to run some test for this strategy?
greenmask9 Time_Oracle
@Time_Oracle, It is not strategy. It is just entry which needs to be judged each on its own.
Nice work man
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