Reversion Zone Index

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The Reversion Zone Index (RZI) is an indicator that combines the Commodity Channel Index (CCI), Choppiness Index (CI), and Bollinger Bands Percentage (BBPct) to identify mean reversion signals in the market. It is plotted as an Exponential Moving Average (EMA) smoothed oscillator with overbought and oversold zones, and mean reversion signals are represented by red and green arrows.

The three indicators are combined to benefit from their complementary aspects and create a more comprehensive view of mean reversion conditions. Here's a brief overview of each indicator's benefits:

1. Commodity Channel Index (CCI): CCI measures the current price level relative to its average over a specified period. It helps identify overbought and oversold conditions, as well as potential trend retracements. By incorporating CCI, the RZI gains insights into momentum and potential turning points.

2. Choppiness Index (CI): CI quantifies the market's choppiness or trendiness by analyzing the range between the highest high and lowest low over a specific period. It indicates whether the market is in a trending or ranging phase. CI provides valuable information about the market state, which can be useful in mean reversion analysis.

3. Bollinger Bands Percentage (BBPct): BBPct measures the current price's position relative to the Bollinger Bands. It calculates the percentage difference between the current price and the bands, identifying potential overbought or oversold conditions. BBPct helps gauge the market's deviation from its typical behavior and highlights potential reversal opportunities.

The RZI combines the three indicators by taking an average of their values and applying further calculations. It smooths the combined oscillator using an EMA to reduce noise and enhance the visibility of the trends. Smoothing with EMA provides a more responsive representation of the overall trend and helps filter out short-term fluctuations.

The overbought and oversold zones are marked on the chart as reference levels. When the combined oscillator is above the overbought zone or below the oversold zone, it suggests a potential mean reversion signal. Red and green arrows are displayed to visually indicate these mean retracement signals.

The RZI is a valuable tool for identifying mean reversion opportunities in the market. It incorporates multiple indicators, each providing unique insights into different aspects of mean reversion, such as momentum, volatility, and price positioning. Traders can use this indicator to spot potential turning points and time their trades accordingly.
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