EMA Cross Indicator (with signals)

This indicator shows 2 EMA (Long and Short) Cross and gives a possible entry point for a trade.
When Short EMA (red line) line crosses Long EMA (green) from bottom to top - this is a possible Long trade entry point.
When Long EMA (green line) line crosses Short EMA (red) from bottom to top - this is a possible Short trade entry point.
In both cases (basically, all the crossovers) are indicated with "Long" and "Short" labels.

Works with Crypto (from 30 min timeframe and higher)

 Stocks (from 1 hour timeframe and higher)

Commodities (from 1 hour timeframe and higher)

Forex (from 1 hour timeframe and higher)

Consider using it with respect to Your trading style, money- and risk-management as well as other indicators.
Protected script
This script is published closed-source and you may use it freely. You can favorite it to use it on a chart. You cannot view or modify its source code.
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