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OS Alligator includes Bill and Justine Williams´ indicators explained both in their "New Trading Dimensions" and "Trading Chaos: Second Edition" books. This script replicates the visual alerts shown on their graphs.

OS Alligator includes:
- Fractals (with labels for easy reading)
- Divergent Bars (signaled by top and bottom triangles)
- Zone bar colors (the bar is green when both AO and AC are green, red when both are red, and black when different)
- Zone buys and sells (subsequent AO of the same color), with letter Z
- Saucer buys and sells, with letter S
- Highest High and Lowest Low tracking (for traling stop setting)
- Balance line (Teeth) crossover alerts
and of course the Alligator's Mouth (Lips, Teeth, Jaw) with SMMA.

All these functions are customizable both in periods and in color. For example if you want to modify the Fractal or HiLo periods you can do so.

You can also add alerts based on any or all indicators.

Thank you for reading. Any comments for improvement are welcome.

Информация о релизе:
Highest high and lowest low alerts are fixed. Now the correct message is displayed when a HiLo crossover occurs.
Информация о релизе:

This update includes almost all AO signals (only Twin Peaks is excluded), the AC signal, as well as a more organized and clean code.

New functionality has been added. You can now select what signals are on or off, as well as if you want to receive an alert of these signals or not. Hiding a signal will automatically prevent an alert to be triggered.

Информация о релизе:
Minor adjusments:

Look back period reduced to 20 trading days (signals older than that do not trigger an alert).

Fractal crossover signals are only triggered if price is above (for longs) or below (for shorts) the Balance Line. Longs are entered when crossing an up fractal above the Balance Line (and otherwise for shorts) which is consistent with Williams theory.

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