Pump Alerts

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My very first indicator in Pine Script with two alert conditions for trading bots.
It's based on "Pump Catcher" by @joepegler

I modified some parts, hopefully improved the usability and enabled alerts, so you can use it to trigger bots like 3commas via webhooks.

Pump Alerts 🚀 attempts to "detect moments of abnormal and accelerating increase in volume" AKA "pumps". Small and big pumps.
I recommend using it on small timeframes like 1 to 15 min and tinkering with the lookback period as well as threshold values.
Other than that it's pretty self-explanatory and beginner-friendly.

Free and Open Source. Let me know how you use it!
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How can I test this indicator with backtest?
I want to test the point of purchase and the accuracy of the indicator, but I can't
can you help me?
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herrkaschel kuroshkabir
@kuroshkabir, I would advise you to first test the indicator with a paper trading bot. At the moment I don't have a strategy-version of this script for backtesting purposes.
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fictou kuroshkabir
@kuroshkabir, here it is :

Don't forget to give a thumbs up :)

Good work...!!! I was wondering if we can detect dump also, what should be the threshold for that....??? if we use the same logic for vrocNormalized for decreasing volume. what can be a good threshold?
Hi how can be used with Cornix?
Hi Where and how i can run this script and how flexible it is did you have any results from this?
Hey, thanks for putting this together. Works perfectly triggering a Short Bot directly after the pump signal fires.
vikithekingbros deadremains
@deadremains, Hey i executed the script in Pine editor and added as indicator but i am not able to see anything how should i configure this? to visualise it
vikithekingbros deadremains
@deadremains, In what basis you will execute the short bot ? what will be the exit condition for the short bot ? is it profit percentage 2% something like that?
I'm a 3commas user and I want to use this indicator in 3commas
can you help me please?
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