Table to filter trades per day

This script contains a block of code that allows users to filter the total number of trades, loss trades, win trades and win rate per day in a table. This makes it easier to compare which days were profitable and which were not.

Be aware that this script can only be used in strategy scripts. To use the script, open it and copy every line from "START" to "STOP". Then, paste these lines at the very bottom of the strategy script that you want to attach it to.

The user has the ability to adjust the position of the table and customize the size of the text displayed.

If the user sets "Check when the trade:" to "Opened", the script will monitor when the trade opens and add it to the table once it has been closed. If "Check when the trade:" is set to "Closed", the script will track when the trade is closed and add it to the table once it has been closed.

It is recommended to run the script on the "Exchange" setting for more accurate results, even though a "Set the timezone" option is available. This will prevent discrepancies caused by daylight saving time changes.

Please note that the code will only work properly if you choose a daily timeframe or lower.
Скрипт с открытым кодом

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