CANDLE STICK HEATMAP shows the statistics of a candle at a particular time. its very useful to find repeating pattern's at a particular time in a day.
based on the settings you can see regular repeating patterns of a day in an hourly chart. During a particular time in day there is always a down or up signal or candles.
The table boxes are candles in RED and GREEN based on open and close of the chart. The Heat map is very useful in analyzing the daily Hourly candlesticks in a week. The Time of each candlestick is plotted on the table along with default Indicators like RSI, MACD, EMA, VOLUME, ADX.

Additionally this can be used as a screener of candles on all timeframes. Analysis is easy when you want to see what happened exactly at a particular time in the previous hour, day, month etc.,

Hopefully additional updates will be introduced shortly.

1. MACD (close,12,26,9)
2.RSI (close,14)
3.EMA 200
3.Volume MA

Option is provided to show indicator statistics and time.
Color can be changed using settings.
Supports all Time Zones

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