Cycle Oscillator V2 [OmegaTools]

Introducing the "Cycle Oscillator" by OmegaTools, an innovative addition to your TradingView analysis toolkit. This script is designed to offer a unique approach to understanding market cycles without the need for volume data, making it versatile across various market conditions and asset classes.

Key Features:
- Cycle Length Customization: Tailor the cycle length from 10 to 200 bars to fit the specific rhythm of the market you're analyzing, ensuring relevance and precision.
- Smoothness Adjustment: Fine-tune the oscillator's smoothness to capture the essence of market movements with options ranging from 1 to 20.
- Aesthetic Flexibility: Choose your preferred colors for the oscillator's upward and downward movements, personalizing your chart to your liking.
- Historical Mode: Toggle the historical mode to either focus on real-time analysis or review past cycle data for backtesting and study.
- Candle Color Modes: Enhance your visual analysis with optional candle coloring based on trend, signals, or extensions, providing immediate insight into market conditions.

Usage Guide:
1. Setting Up: Easily adjust the cycle length and smoothness to match the market's current volatility and your trading style.
2. Understanding Market Cycles: The oscillator plots the average deviation from three distinct moving averages, offering a clear view of potential market turns or continuations.
3. Identifying Overbought/Oversold Conditions: Utilize the upper and lower bounds to recognize extreme market conditions, guiding your entry and exit decisions.
4. Visual Enhancements: Customize the visual aspects, including colors and candle coloring, to make your analysis both effective and aesthetically pleasing.
5. Anticipating Market Movements: The script provides forward-looking lines to suggest potential future highs or lows, aiding in predictive analysis.

Designed with both novice and experienced traders in mind, the "Cycle Oscillator" is a testament to OmegaTools' commitment to providing high-quality, innovative trading tools. Whether you're looking to refine your trading strategy or seeking new analytical perspectives, this script offers a comprehensive solution to navigating the ebbs and flows of the financial markets.

Join the community of traders enhancing their TradingView experience with the "Cycle Oscillator" by OmegaTools. Start exploring deeper market insights and unlock new trading opportunities today.

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