TheATR: Fisher Oscillator.

Fisher Oscillator(FO).

The Fisher Oscillator is inspired by John Ehlers "Fisher Transform".
The oscillator highlights when prices have moved to an extreme, based on recent prices.
The FO may help in spotting turning points, in the short-medium trends of an asset, also, it helps in recognizing the asset's trends themselves, giving a picture of mkt conditions affected by less noise.

Fisher Oscillator Components.

Fisher V1 -> Main FO.
Fisher V2 -> Past Candle FO.
0-line threshold -> Directional Component.

How to read the Fisher Oscillator.

The FO is super easy to read by itself.. also, I coded some features which make it even easier to read.
It's suggestions, which we can call "Signals", come from 2 different sources, accessible thanks to the variable "Signals Type".

- 0-Line Crosses:
When the "Fisher V1" upcrosses the oscillator 0-line, the oscillator suggests a Long scenario.
When the "Fisher V1" downcrosses the oscillator 0-line, the oscillator suggests a Short scenario.

- Classic Lines Crosses:
When the "Fisher V1" upcrosses the "Fisher V2", the oscillator suggests a Long scenario.
When the "Fisher V1" downcrosses the "Fisher V2", the oscillator suggests a Short scenario.

Users will be able to recognise these Signals visually, thanks to some color customisation to the "Fisher V1" line, and thanks to the ability of the oscillator of plotting Signals.

TheATR Documentation regarding TheATR: Fisher Oscillator.

Researching and backtesting the FO, I noticed it's skill of being able to dynamically identify trend reversals with a nice degree of reliability.
Also, the FO's able to keep up with trends up to their tops/bottoms, as it's very responsive.
This makes the FO a trend-following oscillator in my personal view, because its nature of being very fast in detecting reversals will lead to many false reversals as well.
On the other face of this coin, if we look at the FO as a source for confirmations for a trend-following strategy, may be very useful.
To conclude, I would use the FO as a confirmation oscillator, in a trend-following strategy that needs to have other components.

Thanks for reading,

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