Signal Composer

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This Signal Composer script can compose existing signals from other "Signal Indicators" into one and can forward it to the "Template Trailing Strategy".
It allows the user to combine the logic of two signals and define the conditions that will trigger the start, end, cancel start, and cancel end deals of the produced signal. A signal will be composed from those user-defined conditions.
For example, one signal indicator may have the main logic and the other the filter logic. If you want to combine more signals you may add two Signal Composer scripts and pipe the output of the first composer to the second one.
This is the "main building block" of creating a bit more complex strategies without writing any code.
The "indicator on indicator" feature is needed so you can forward the resulting signal to the "Template Trailing Strategy" so that you can set take profits, stop losses, custom alerts, and all other nifty features this framework provides.
Thus, you should be a Plus or Premium user to get its full potential. It is very convenient for those who want to create a strategy without coding their own signal indicator and for those who want to fast-prototype various ideas based on simple but composable conditions.
It can nicely be combined with the "Signal Adapter" which combines simple (non-signal) indicators and produces a signal. This is a recipe to build fast and backtest more complex strategy logic.
This approach has a fail-fast mentality! Keep, in mind that you can code a single signal indicator with your composed logic later on only if the idea turns out to be "good enough".
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