Nick Rypock Trailing Reverse (by everget)

Research (NRTR) from the author (Evergrt) made into strategy.
The idea of the indicator is similar to the Chandelier Exit , but doesn't involve ATR component and uses a percentage instead.
A dynamic price channel is used to calculate the NRTR. The calculations involve only those prices that are included in the current trend and exclude the extremes related to the previous trend. The indicator is always at the same distance (in percent) from the extremes reached by prices (below the maximum peak for the current uptrend, above the minimum bottom for the current downtrend)
I also added filter output, rsi /% output, and backtesting to the strategy. Below in order:
1) Logic entry:
% - distance as a percentage of extreme values
2)Filter settings
If the checkbox is checked, the rsi / wma filter will be used. If at the moment of triggering a buy signal in a long line, the rsi line is under the lower line, then a buy will be made, and if not, ignored. With the short position, on the contrary, the upper line border is responsible for it.
3)Exit settings
-exit by rsi , if the conditions are triggered, but the position is in the red, then there will be no exit.
- percentage output
If there is a tick on the rsi and%, then the position will be closed, which will be the first.
4)Darta range
backtesting for any period of time

Информация о релизе: updated to version 5 of pine
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