Epic Market Indicator 2.0 (EMI 2)

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After months and months of back-testing, I have finally decided to release this update. Would also like to give out a special thanks to Tradingview for making it possible to create scripts and share this with the community. I have occurred a lot of information in this community. I believe that when you take, you should also share. That’s why I am sharing this wonderful indicator for free. Remember, knowledge and experience is the most valuable things in life.

EMI , Epic Market Indicator:
60-74% theoretically profitable trades, depending on the time period. However if you use EMI blindly, the percentage might even go lower. Nevertheless, there should be enough presenting opportunities, if you use her wisely.

This indicator is a combination of different oscillators:
-Volume Flow
-Buy & Sell signals
-Bottom & Top signals
-Volume Flow heat map

RSI turns green or red when entering overbought or oversold territories.
Dots on wave crossings are buy or sell signals.
Diamonds above are possible bottoms and tops.
Green = Bull signals
Red = Sell signals

These signals are buy & sell conditions based on different oscillators, known by many traders.

ALWAYS wait for the candle to close and another confirmation before taking any consideration nor actions. No signals means trend continuation.
Using EMI 2 in combination with EMI 1, traditional authentic pattern formations and darkened theme is recommended. Good luck fellow traders and don't forget to tap the like button. Thanks in advance.
Jan 05
Информация о релизе: Update EMI 2, Description:

  • Modified RSI and Stochastic settings and conditions
  • Corrected RSI colors when in overbought or oversold territory
  • Modified Money/Volume Flow settings
Jan 11
Информация о релизе: -Modified RSI & Stochastic
-Modified Wave Trend settings for smoother looks and even more accurate predicting possible tops & bottoms
-Adjusted overbought and oversold territories
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If the update is not shown on your charts, remove EMI and add again.
If someone would like an advanced version, where you setup you own settings. Let me know.
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