BUY and SELL - Backtest single EMA cross By che_trader

Hi, I hope you're well!
At the request of my friend @jansrbtc I'm going to publish a simple emas crossing strategy.

We will do long or short at the cross of the two ema .

Good strategy for when an asset is in trend.

Warm: In choppy periods this indicator can be very affected by large drawdowns.

Скрипт с открытым кодом

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What's the settings of the indicator?
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Che_Trader Pastor80
@Pastor80, you need find the settings for your asset and you time frame
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Could this be used on Renko charts as well?
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Che_Trader GarethSA
@GarethSA, Hey! I not use renko, not know, sry.

You can prove and tell me?
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Che_Trader GarethSA
@GarethSA, yes!
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Hi. Thanks for sharing this. Is there a way to a create an alert on the buy and sell signal?
this is repainting or not ?
Che_Trader Beatrice46740
@Beatrice46740, this script not repaint!
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