Christmas Toolkit [LuxAlgo]

It's that time of the year... and what would be more appropriate than displaying Christmas-themed elements on your chart?

The Christmas Toolkit displays a tree containing elements affected by various technical indicators. If you're lucky, you just might also find a precious reindeer trotting toward the tree, how fancy!


Each of the 7 X-mas balls is associated with a specific condition.

Each ball has a color indicating:

  • lime: very bullish
  • green: bullish
  • blue: holding the same position or sideline
  • red: bearish
  • darkRed: very bearish

From top to bottom:

🔹 RSI (length 14)
  • rsi < 20 - lime (+2 points)
  • rsi < 30 - green (+1 point)
  • rsi > 80 - darkRed (-2 points)
  • rsi > 70 - red (-1 point)
  • else - blue

🔹 Stoch (length 14)
  • stoch < 20 - lime (+2 points)
  • stoch < 30 - green (+1 point)
  • stoch > 80 - darkRed (-2 points)
  • stoch > 70 - red (-1 point)
  • else - blue

🔹 close vs. ema (length 20)
  • close > ema 20 - green (+1 point)
  • else - red (-1 point)

🔹 ema (length 20)
  • ema 20 rises - green (+1 point)
  • else - red (-1 point)

🔹 ema (length 50)
  • ema 50 rises - green (+1 point)
  • else - red (-1 point)

🔹 ema (length 100)
  • ema 100 rises - green (+1 point)
  • else - red (-1 point)

🔹 ema (length 200)
  • ema 200 rises - green (+1 point)
  • else - red (-1 point)

The above information can also be found on the right side of the tree.

You'll see the conditions associated with the specific X-mas ball and the meaning of color changes. This can also be visualized by hovering over the labels.

All values are added together, this result is used to color the star at the top of the tree, with a specific color indicating:

  • lime: very bullish (> 6 points)
  • green: bullish (6 points)
  • blue: holding the same position or sideline
  • red: bearish (-6 points)
  • darkRed: very bearish (< -6 points)

Switches to green/lime or red/dark red can be seen by the fallen stars at the bottom.

The Last Switch indicates the latest green/lime or red/dark red color (not blue)


Randomly moving snowflakes are added to give it a wintry character.

There are also randomly moving stars in the tree.

Garland rotations, style, and color can be adjusted, together with the width and offset of the tree, put your tree anywhere on your chart!

Disabling the "static tree" setting will make the needles 'move'.

Have you happened to see the precious reindeer on the right? This proud reindeer moves towards the most recent candle. Who knows what this reindeer might be bringing to the tree?


  • Width: Width of tree.
  • Offset: Offset of the tree.

  • Garland rotations: Amount of rotations, a high number gives other styles.
  • Color/Style: sets the color & style of garland stars.
  • Needles: sets the needle color.

  • Static Tree: Allows the tree needles to 'move' with each tick.
  • Reindeer Speed: Controls how fast the deer moves toward the most recent bar.


It has been an honor to contribute to the TradingView community and we are always so happy to see your supportive messages on our scripts.

We have posted a total of 78 script publications this year, which is no small feat & was only possible thanks to our team of Wizard developers @alexgrover + @dgtrd + @fikira , the development team behind Pine Script, and of course to the support of our legendary community.

Happy Holidays to you all, and we'll see ya next year! ☃️

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